Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back to Istanbul

I have been not posting anything since I came in Istanbul. The reason is because I had many administrative things to do regarding the  university and we have moved to new dorm.

 So,  this post has been created this morning. I have bought this shorts in Sarajevo and the bluse I bought here  and was in my warderobe for a long time, unused because I did not find its soulmate. So they two met each other this moring and lived happily ever after.

Jewellery I wore on my forhead is gift from dear friend Hashim from Shri Lanka, I wanted to have it so badly, and he brought it from me. I am happy to finally have it. I lovee simply this kind of jewellery so planning to make many posts with it.

Since in Istanbul is quite hot I am still in summer mood, and hope you like the outfit, waiting for your feedback. Thank you for reading and sorry for delay.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feeling BLUE

I have had this idea of combining the blue dress and leather jacket with short summer boots, it is kind of rock chic style, but I felt like wearing it tonight, hope you like it.

I wore: 
Dress : Koton
Shoes : Not branded
Bag : Not branded
Jacket : Jennifer Forever

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Colour of Autumn

Breath of Autumn is here. Today it rained just before I was leaving for a walk with girlfriend Anesa and I have choosed the ultimate must - have colour of  this Autumn. It is so called colour of wine. I have combined it with extra comfy blouse and sport shoes, hope you like it.

I wore : 
Shirt : Not branded
Skirt : Koton
Shoes: Not branded
Belt : H&M