Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blue and Green Love Story

My dear readers, here I am again. Hope you are ready. This time I have made post about dress. It is first post with the dress as outfit. Light green dress that follows shape of body was my choice. I was going for a coffee in late afternoon then night out. So, for the both I needed to look nice and chic. I love the lenght of this dress, it reaches knees and I think that it is "lady lenght"- decent and sexy enough. Since I did not have anything up (I did not need and want) I have added some shiny peaces of jewlery. As you can see on pictures it is the ring and same shiny stones on bracelet with green ribbon. This braceelt is multipurpose one since the ribbon can be put in different colours depending on outfit. Also it looks gorgeous on hand. As I wrote on blog days ago, we should be confident and mix and clash colours. They make statement outift which shows how powerful you are as personality and how much free to experiment - and fashion is about this in my opinion. So blue clutch and blue wedges (since I was going to walk forever that night) and big sunglasses. These days I feel so happy to wear green make up (eye shadow) so I choosed it again this time. Hope you like it,

Thank you for stopping by, Lejla, xoxo.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Easy and Rich

Summer nights  are  perfect for light blouses. The blouse I am wearing is very soft on skin and light and transaprents in place of sleaves. Since it is rich by its look and material (and if you have any ready in klozet)  you od not need much extra for final look. I decided to dress light colour jenas, small gold and brown neklace and leopard thiny belt since it is wide shape blouse. So, just add simple and small (SS) stylish details to your blouse and it is ready. I decide to make statment with my bag tonight. I choosed this gorgeous bag of all shades of brown. Choose make up that is same colour of your eyes, like me green. (: Ready, set, go.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

BlacK & WhitE

Black & White time. Saturday night is usally time when we do not know what to dress and we do have panic time. I decide for the Black and White combination. These two colours can be very formal, but I got from my aunt Elvira this lovely dress to wear. I knew it might happen t find place on high chairs and I wanted to avoid uncomfortable situations and dressed simple black skirt inside. I pulled it up so that it does not affect shape of the dress. Simple white earings and black clutch for Saturday fever. Black sandals sine very comfortable and chic ones from Mango. Make up was little bit heavier since it is not ordinary night. I choosed nude tones. My sunglasses are new peace of eyewear and very populr and hot ones in Spring/Summer 2012. You might have seen them on most runways. I really love them. Thank you for stopping by, xoxo, Lejla.

Style snapshoot: 
Cat eye sunglasses have been very trendy for a few seasons already and will remain as hot during Spring/ Summer 2012. Eyewear in this shape comes in different colors and décor and can be very playful or more austere.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Last night in my city Sarajevo started Sarajevo Film Festival. This is one of the biggest and most popular events in region at this time of summer. It will last a week. Whole city is in the spirt of SFF and so excited, me also. For that event I went out last night with my friends. I decided for very popular and cool trend - thorn jeans. I did not choose dress because as I predicted everybody choosed dress.

 On the top I added silver summer sweater (it is very light and almost trasnaprent) and just one big silver bracelet and silver disco earings from Belgrade . To crack this look and be ready for this special night out I choosed some screaming and dancing colours of shoes and bag. Bag you saw in one of the previous posts and shoes too. Not complementing each others these two colours made this look very chic and so for this event. For the make up since it was evenning  already I choosed more heavy make up - shadows of green and arab glow blush. Parfume I use is Calvin Klein - Euphoria - just one spray and I was ready, hope you like it, thanks for stopping by, xoxo.

Style snapshoot: Opposites attract - team radnom bright colours together, if you want to stand out.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pocket full of sunshine

I have never had a long skirt. So, once apon a time I feel in love with the long skirt in Istanbul. Maroon colour long skirt with the lace on the one side. The lace is prety tall  but with the long skirt it is not noticable that much. Up I have choosed sleavless same colour shirt so it looks like dress. Long skirt (try to dress tighter one not wide ones if you are not so tall like me ;) will make you look taller and fiter. Jean blazer on long skirt is very trendy and stylish and many Holywood starts wear it this summer. Oversized earings will add cool touch to the outfit and break the whole outfit from just being simple. The bag is oversized leopard bag. It does not have to match always remember. Sport shoes with long dresses and skirts are stylish and stylists recomand them. NOT high heels with these in the case that you want relaxed style. Summer outfits (especially trip ones) should bring you feeling of relaxation. When it comes to the make up I wore here it is just natural light make up for summer. Foundation, little bit of  blush (pink) and eyliner and mascara are enough for natural make up. I decided to putmy hair up. New and very hot style follwed by stars like Jessica Alba and Oliğvia Wilde and Nichole Richi is hair bun on the top of your head. I have put very simple tutorial how to make it, and many more you can find online if you do not find this one useful.

Thank you for reading, xoxo