Friday, July 6, 2012

Pocket full of sunshine

I have never had a long skirt. So, once apon a time I feel in love with the long skirt in Istanbul. Maroon colour long skirt with the lace on the one side. The lace is prety tall  but with the long skirt it is not noticable that much. Up I have choosed sleavless same colour shirt so it looks like dress. Long skirt (try to dress tighter one not wide ones if you are not so tall like me ;) will make you look taller and fiter. Jean blazer on long skirt is very trendy and stylish and many Holywood starts wear it this summer. Oversized earings will add cool touch to the outfit and break the whole outfit from just being simple. The bag is oversized leopard bag. It does not have to match always remember. Sport shoes with long dresses and skirts are stylish and stylists recomand them. NOT high heels with these in the case that you want relaxed style. Summer outfits (especially trip ones) should bring you feeling of relaxation. When it comes to the make up I wore here it is just natural light make up for summer. Foundation, little bit of  blush (pink) and eyliner and mascara are enough for natural make up. I decided to putmy hair up. New and very hot style follwed by stars like Jessica Alba and Oli─čvia Wilde and Nichole Richi is hair bun on the top of your head. I have put very simple tutorial how to make it, and many more you can find online if you do not find this one useful.

Thank you for reading, xoxo

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