Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blue and Green Love Story

My dear readers, here I am again. Hope you are ready. This time I have made post about dress. It is first post with the dress as outfit. Light green dress that follows shape of body was my choice. I was going for a coffee in late afternoon then night out. So, for the both I needed to look nice and chic. I love the lenght of this dress, it reaches knees and I think that it is "lady lenght"- decent and sexy enough. Since I did not have anything up (I did not need and want) I have added some shiny peaces of jewlery. As you can see on pictures it is the ring and same shiny stones on bracelet with green ribbon. This braceelt is multipurpose one since the ribbon can be put in different colours depending on outfit. Also it looks gorgeous on hand. As I wrote on blog days ago, we should be confident and mix and clash colours. They make statement outift which shows how powerful you are as personality and how much free to experiment - and fashion is about this in my opinion. So blue clutch and blue wedges (since I was going to walk forever that night) and big sunglasses. These days I feel so happy to wear green make up (eye shadow) so I choosed it again this time. Hope you like it,

Thank you for stopping by, Lejla, xoxo.


  1. I love your dress and your style :) Can you tell me where did you buy this green dress ? :D

    1. Thank you so much on the compliment, I have bought it it in Istanbul, can not remember the name, but not expensive much.


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